You've got Golgo 13, the iconic Japanese manga assassin, in a game that basically apes the gameplay style and cinematics of classic badass platformer Ninja Gaiden 2.

How can you *possibly* bung this up?

The answer is to load the game down with long boring exposition and an almost completely uninteresting plot, fail at using cinematics by having 90% of them just be some stiff talking head spewing text for minutes on end, make the gameplay a sort of clunky copy of Shinobi with dumb repetitive enemies and simplistic level design, and then to top it all off with a cherry, throw in a ton of annoying 3D mazes to blunder through to completely kill the pace of the game.

This *should* have been a great game, but thanks to Vic Tokai's inept mishandling of it, it ends up just being a mediocre action game with a tedious story. They throw in a couple of other gimmicks here and there to try to spice things up, like a "racing scene" (which resembles a slightly clunkier Rad Racer) and a couple of "sniping scenes" (de rigeur for a Golgo game, I guess, but as you can imagine there is only so much you can do with this on an 8-bit platform), but these are both just minor bits of the game and neither is all that interesting anyway. Golgo is *still* waiting for a proper game treatment ...

Videos :

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