DUCKTALES 2 / Capcom / NES

Ducktales returns with pretty much the same game engine, tightened up very slightly and with some new abilities for Scrooge. The true hero of the American Way is on yet another quest to hoard all the world's treasure to himself, racing Flintheart Glomgold to various finds around the world (I always wondered what kind of a lesson this show was for kids ... oh well). Scrooge still does the pogo-stick thing and can slap rocks and other items in a golf shot when near them, but he'll now also find stuff lying around the levels that gives him inherent abilities, like being able to pull back on posts with his cane and slingshot across gaps. The game is once again a variant of one Mega Man engine or another and thus has a fairly solid feel (along with Moar Yukichan's Papa music), it seems just a bit tighter here than in the previous game (Scrooge no longer jumps as high or in as floaty as style as in the previous, and the levels seem to be constructed a bit better). I think it is a very slight improvement on the original game, but something about the gameplay style is still just too off-putting for me to get into it, and having no saves/continues/passwords also still bugs me.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video