Take Mega Man, and take away his Mega Buster (and all other weapons for that matter), and replace it only with the ability to do a downward-slash while jumping (akin to Link's downward thrust from Zelda 2), and let him skip in and out of his levels at will as in Strider (in fact making that a requirement to progress in the game), and there you pretty much have Ducktales in a nutshell.

Most of the criticism of this game I have seen centers on it being too simple or easy; maybe I just epically fail at duck simulations or something, but I actually thought it was packed with cheap hits and frequently way too frustrating for something aimed at small children. The game also rudely deposits you back at the title screen when you lose all three lives, negating all progress you have made with no continue, password or save options.

This is another one of those NES titles canonized by much of the gaming public as a "classic" that I just totally don't understand. I guess the Mega Man vibe (and the music by Yukichan's Papa) has something to do with it, but I couldn't even begin to find this one entertaining.

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