DR. MARIO / Nintendo / NES

You know this isn't Dr. Mario's fault, I mean it's a perfectly fine game from a technical standpoint, but I was already pretty sick of "shit keeps falling" games back when this came out and the intervening decade and a half since then hasn't really done much to improve my appetite for them.

Yeah, it's basically just another simple Tetris-like game. The gimmick in this one is that you start out with random colored blocks called "viruses" already in the playfield, and you have to eliminate them by lining up three of the same color with them.

Sometimes the viruses are really annoyingly placed and it's easy to seriously screw up the whole game just by accidentaly dropping the wrong blocks on top of one, so I kind of like this game less than most of the "shit keeps falling" genre.

Unless you have some particular nostalgic fondness for this game, it's probably not worth bothering with.

Yeah, and they're making a special Wii-only version of this game too ... plus they might bring out the SNES and N64 versions of the game on the Virtual Console ... so is this one really worth paying for?

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