OK, so this NES port of Double Dragon basically has taken a lot of flak over the years for not being accurate to the arcade game. Having played both in the last couple of months, however, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think this is actually the better game of the two.

I'll back you up on that. It has some glitches and things that don't work out all that well, but on the whole I thought this was actually a lot more smooth and playable than the arcade game was.

There was no way they could replicate the arcade game in any decent way on the NES hardware; I thought the way they re-arranged the levels in this one was pretty good though, and the background graphics are actually really good for 1987 NES standards.

The one really big loss is cooperative two player mode in the regular game, but that was partially made up for by the crazy two player brawl mode where you can use enemies and stuff from the game.

Yeah it's a shame you can't mix and match them, but even so it was still pretty fun, kind of an early version of River City Ransom's fight engine where you could dash and stuff. It was a step up from Urban Champion at least. I also enjoyed how they played the morbid death music no matter who won the match.

The "move upgrade" mode didn't exactly work all that well as you tend to just get the new moves around the same time in every game anyway, and the game also doesn't tell you what moves you get with each level so you pretty much needed the manual. It didn't really impact the game much, though, since the basic kick + picking up weapons here and there would get you through most of the game anyway.

Yeah this game was definitely easier than the arcade, but still something of a challenge as the enemies from Level 3 onward take a ton of life off when they hit you and you only have 3 players to get through the whole game.

This game also has numerous classic hilarious glitches such as walking up that one random wall at the beginning in order to get the Golf Club of Ultimate Devastation, and tricking the first boss Abobo into pwning himself by falling off the conveyor belt into the pit. Hopefully they won't fix those in the VC release as they were great fun.

I actually think this game is worth a look, for some laughs and crazy two player brawls at the very least.

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