I understand that it hardly costs Nintendo anything to put games on the Virtual Console, but I mean, it costs them *something* right?

Yeah, you have to pay someone to take the original ROM, put it on there, test for bugs, etc. Then you have to do graphics, load it up onto the VC...

Point is, there's SOME expense involved in every game that goes up here, even if it's relatively miniscule.

Right, and I don't see why Nintendo would lay out the money to put DK Jr. Math up when they're going to get about $0 in return for it.

There's two modes of play, and the only halfway fun one requires two players. So right off the bat, it's completely worthless to solo players.

Two players can climb around on vines grabbing math signs and numbers to try to boost their scores higher than each other. I don't think it ever actually ends though, until you turn it off yourself.

Or beat up your little brother, or make him get bored by sinking him into a hole so deep there's no hope of ever getting out.

The single player game is atrocious, you just solve addition and subtraction problems by climbing up vines to point out certain numbers, but they're all run together so closely it's hard to stop on the right one.

Even if that wasn't a problem, it's still incredibly boring. Who wants to sit down at the Wii to do math problems?

This wasn't exactly a blockbuster seller when it first came out and it sure isn't going to be now. I think even parents desperate to get some "educational value" out of the game system will see how useless this one is.

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