DEVIL'S WORLD / Nintendo / NES

Devil's World is a bizarre Pac-Man clone made by Nintendo in 1984, and due to the heavy use of Christian crosses and bibles I can see why it never made it over to the West.

Each level usually has two parts. First you have to pick up all the pellets in a maze a la Pac-Man, but you can only pick them up when you have a cross in your mouth.

The crosses also allow you to spit fire at the enemies, but they don't last forever - you have to keep picking up new ones.

Meanwhile crazy Devil in spandex is dancing around at the top of the screen and randomly makes the borders of the playfield move. So if you are too close to one edge, you might get trapped and crushed when he shifts the direction.

The second part of each level is similar, except you have to pick up four bibles and slam them into holes in the big monster generator in the center.

It's not a huge amount of fun, but it's cute and weird. Might be worth a look just as an oddity.

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