This is a port of an arcade game, and the highly masculine title screen is explained by the fact that the main character is a woman in the original release, and for some reason in the North American NES port they had to have a male main character instead. Looks like it could be some sort of animu or mangoo to boot, though if it is adapted from one I've never heard of it.

Anyway. City Cunter decides to set a world record for cuntery, and paint the roads of major cities around the world entirely in white. Fortunately they seem to be free of traffic at the time, and also somehow are broken up into three elevated levels. The only thing in this whole situation that even makes a shred of sense is that the police are out to stop you and will bust your ass if they make contact with you. Of course, you can pick up oil cans which you can then fire at them to spin them out. While spinning out, if you collide with them you knock them off the road.

Bizarre drugged-out Japanese gaming is fine so long as the gameplay holds up. Here it does not. I still don't even know how you're supposed to jump back up to the upper levels once you've fallen off of them. To get back up you apparently just have to lose a life and not fall on the second attempt. The gameplay doesn't exactly entice you to stick around and explore the game's greater mysteries, however ... the super flickery graphics and annoying music don't help either.

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