Eww, Castlevania 2.

Yeah, this is probably the worst of the Castlevania games, even worse than those Gameboy ones and the 3D ones on the Nintendo 64.

It seems like they kind of tried to copy what Zelda 2 was doing with some "RPG elements", and those really didn't work out all that well.

Yeah walking through all the stupid towns with the tons of stairs to buy stuff is just slow and bothersome, and it's lame that they put pits of water and stuff for you to fall to your death in if you slip up on the controls for a second. Who designed these towns? M.C. Escher and the Marquis de Sade?

Talking to people is likewise nothing but a headache. I guess maybe this is more of a translation issue than something inherent to the game, but nobody makes any goddamn sense at all. The only way to figure out some of the game's obscure puzzles is to talk to these random people, but whatever it is you are supposed to do gets lost in this wave of gibberish and you end up having to read a strategy guide or a FAQ or something just to get to the end.

So you run around, and like all the hidden stuff is in these obscure places where you have to do some totally random thing.

Yeah, and the level design is really flat and boring compared to other Castlevania games. The whole game is basically one long jumping contest across tight ledges with enemies patrolling back and forth on them. The castles that you go into for Dracula's body parts aren't really any better, and then there's like no boss battles at all except for the final one.

Don't forget poorly implemented day-night system that shuts down the towns at night and forces you to stand around for five minutes dodging enemies until they open back up.

Yeah, the only thing this game really has going for it is the music, huh?

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