Welcome back!

Welcome back Bill, it appears we have a baby on our hands.

Hey man, I spend all my time with a dude who looks like Sylvester Stallone, don't look at me.

Yeah I know about all those military gang showers with no privacy dividers. Anyway, it's not a real baby, it's this new NES release on the Virtual Console of a game not previously seen before outside of Japan.

It's too bad the cutesy baby theme will probably drive a lot of people off right up front, as this is actually a pretty good platformer with some unique mechanics.

Baby crawls around and jumps ... also has some magic rattle that causes enemies to inflate and start floating off the screen ... but if you jump or run into them while they are floating, they go flying off sharply and become a projectile.

Yeah, but if they hit a wall they ricochet, and then they can do damage to you as well as other enemies.

So it's kinda like side-scrolling Dig Dug meets Klonoa.

The Dig Dug thing is reinforced by levels like the second, where you dig around in the middle of a giant cake.

There's something like twenty levels total, play control is solid, graphics are decent given 1980s NES, and you get a boppy Kukeiha Club soundtrack.

Yeah this one is actually a recommendation. This is exactly what the Virtual Console needs more of, good previously unreleased games that no one in the West really knows about. Good call Nintendo and Konami.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video