BATMAN BEGINS / EA / Gameboy Advance

Oh boy, another side-scrolling Batman beat-em-up. There certainly weren't enough of those already.

This game is your requisite license of an action movie that uses "realistic rendered graphics" (that look like ass) in a side-scroller with amateurish level layout and a generally somewhat slapdash feel. I'll give the game credit in that it tries a bit harder than most movie licenses - Batman has a pretty robust move set, triangle-jumping off walls, climbing on overhead pipes, and a variety of attacks and gadgets at his disposal. No suite of wonderful toys, however, can overcome level design that ranges from boring to poor, uninspiring enemies and bad graphics.

The game uses a percentage system to maybe make you think it's a Metroidvania or something, but it's a wholly linear cruise through levels loosely based on movie events. Unfortunately there's no Batmobile levels or anything like that - every major sequence of the movie is basically hammered into a side-scrolling beat-em-up style somehow. There's some potential here, but it doesn't even come close to being fully realized.

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