AAARGH! / Arcadia / PC

 Aaargh! was pretty clearly "inspired" by Atari's Rampage, which hit the arcades about two years earlier. It's sort of Rampage seen from an overhead perspective, as an ogre or lizard tears up villages all over the world. Also offers hot-seat play so the two giants can team up to trash everything in sight, in their seemingly insatiable quest for eggs and fruit.

 The game looks pretty impressive for the time but the handling of the monsters is on the stiff and clunky side. You move only in cardinal directions, punch and breathe fire. The primary goal is to punch/burn down all the houses in an area, but there's usually some token resistance from the townsfolk in the form of spear-tossers or a catapult. You can only breathe so much fire at a time, and have to wait for it to recharge once you've blown it all out. Since the punch doesn't hit certain types of enemies this can leave you vulnerable and dodging about for a bit, which is really the only place the game gets at all challenging.
 The simultaneous 2-player feature is neat, I guess. The annoying PC internal speaker sound is not.
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