RAMBO III / Sega / Genesis

Rambo 3 is basically Sega's take on Capcom's Commando with maybe a little dash of the overhead levels of Contra.

Like Commando, and countless other 1980s shooting games, you are unable to fix fire in a direction while you move freely in other directions, so to dodge bullets you have to stop firing and run around in goofy circles until you can somehow get a shot off towards the enemy without getting pwned by one of the constant flood of incoming projectiles. Add in the awful layout - there's tons of turrets and shit that you can't take out without a very limited inventory of bombs - as well as the constant shit ton of enemies, and you have a game that's largely just a pain in the ass to play. There's some crappy first-person helicopter battles that are supposed to be a big draw, but aside from the graphics being a bit impressive for a 1989 console game, it isn't all that much fun really (and it gets a little silly when Rambo is constantly taking down tanks and helicopters with a bow.)

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