TOUCH THE DEAD / Eidos / Nintendo DS

At first I misread the main character's name as Rob Schneider ... I was like, "Oh boy, this is gonna be the quickest Game Over ever" as I mentally ran through the most torturous zombie death scenarios I could guide him into. It turns out his name is actually Rob STEINER, however ... well, I guess I'll give the chump a chance to get out of this predicament.

Anyway, Rob gets dumped in jail for a murder, which he apparently didn't commit, though I guess you have to read the manual for that tidbit, as the game doesn't really offer much information to you. That's really about it for plot or character development, as the rest of the game plays like a poor copy of House of the Dead ... well, it *is* a poor copy of House of the Dead, actually, except with stylus-tapping instead of lightgun-blasting.

And the stylus tapping is the real problem here, and it is really a serious problem, because it's the whole of the game basically. The game just keeps repeating the same cheap trick over and over - throw more zombies than you can handle with one clip at you in a group at one time, then force you to take at least one hit while you go through the slow-ass reload procedure. Rob eventually gets some ... thing ... that magically makes him reload faster, as well as improved weaponry, and a crowbar to use when things get up close and personal, but a lot of this stuff doesn't come until late in the game (the crowbar comes at the beginning of Level 3 ... and there's only four levels in the game), and until then, it's a really tedious and repetitive cheese-a-thon as you just keep facing down the same packs of ugly polygonal zombies over and over and over again.

And there's really nothing there to buoy the repetitive action. The designers opted to go for no music whatsoever (except for some uninspired grunt-metal on the title screen), so the whole game is ambient sound, which is decent, but not nearly good enough here on it's own to not be boring. The backgrounds are also incredibly plain and drab, there's a little interactivity in that you sometimes can briefly shoot certain things to get bonus items, but for the most part it's just one repetitive pack of zombies after another.

It gets old and frustrating real, real fast. I suggest you spend your time touching something a little more warm and exciting with your stylus.

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