This game originated on the SNES in Japan back in the mid-90s, and there has actually been a fan-made translation patch available for several years now, although it appears relatively few people partook of it until this DS port was released earlier this year.

Since this is a port and not a remake, with little of the fundamentals of the game changed, I would refer you to my review of the SNES version for most of the particulars. The game has mostly gone untouched in this port, save for a few little tweaks here and there. Each game now begins with a non-randomized three level dungeon that you must complete before reaching the first town - you don't get to keep experience gained in this tutorial sequence, but you do keep items, and can actually find some pretty potent ones, getting you off to a bit of a softer start than what you had in the SNES version (you'll enter the first area with a weapon, shield and a stash of herbs, unlike the SNES which dumped you in there butt nekkid).

This is speculative on my part, but I think the monsters may have been toned down a bit in this version, but the rate at which your hunger increases seems to have drastically gone up. I don't really think this is a trade-off for the better. I would also have to go back and check this, but I recall the distance between some of the towns in the SNES version being a little longer than it is here. This one on the whole seemed a touch easier, but the hunger thing was really irritating.

The graphics are pretty much the same, though the top DS screen now displays a sort of world map that shows the general overall progress of Shiren towards Table Mountain. The music, thankfully, has been ported with little change - I thought the lovely traditional Japanese soundtrack was one of the best parts of the game.

The one major advantage to this version is bonus content - there's a massive new dungeon available upon completion of the game.

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