Chocobo Tales doesn't even begin to resemble an RPG, it's a kid's game (and I mean LITTLE kids) made up of mostly lame mini-games connected by a saccharine and cheesy plot (think Paper Mario with much lamer humor and no battles).

Tykes might be captivated by it, I dunno. Grown-up gamers won't find much to enjoy here, outside of maybe the soundtrack full of remixes of various tunes from other Final Fantasy games. The "adventure mode" of the game consists of you going around finding various "spell books" which contain mini-games, and then there are also other little games scattered about the land in odd places that can be played for bonuses. The little side games are actually the most entertaining part of the game, the "spell book" games are by and large clunky and tedious. At certain points in the story, you also have a boss fight, which is a very simplistic "card battle" where you unleash various monster cards you've been picking up along the way (ProTip : Use strongest cards for win.)

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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