KING OF FIGHTERS R-1 / SNK / Neo Geo Pocket Color

KOF Round 1 is a little better than you'd expect a portable black-and-white interpretation of KOF to be, but still too limited to be of much interest.

Basically, it is KOF distilled down to chibi fathead fighting. The roster is drastically limited compared to any other regular KOF game - only the "major" characters like Kyo, Iori, Terry and Ryo are in this one, along with a few odd additions like Leona, and the "New Faces" Orochi team sneaks in too since this was released around the time of KOF 98 and lol cross-promotion.

Anyway, you can pick a pre-fab team or form your own, though forming a team is needlessly clunky and confusing. You then play through the typical KOF tournament, but can also choose to go solo and fight the others one at a time (which extends the length of the game for obvious reasons). A handful of backgrounds and tunes from previous games are thrown in to accompany you, but all are pretty watered down compared to the originals.

The gameplay works out a bit better than handheld fighters usually do, but it still isn't really great. There's a lot of frameskippyness, particularly with certain characters - Chizuru will make you think you are playing an old Tiger LCD game.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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