It's hard to believe Konami actually released this as a commercial product - it looks like something made in RPG Maker by a group of fans, or something.

SD Snatcher is a "super deformed", highly cutesified retelling of Snatcher that radically alters the story in many ways. Instead of being a menu-driven adventure, it's now an RPG. Gillian buys new guns and ammo from Harry Benson, gets drugs and healing items from Jamie (who now works at Junker), and can use spells/techniques in fights via Metal Gear.

The battles are unique in that you use a "targeting" system where you choose an area of the playfield to attack, and hope that the enemy is still there when you actually fire. While this could have worked out to be more interesting than the usual RPG battle, what it ends up leading to is a whole lot of missed shots and some really drawn-out battles.

The game engine is also one of those old, slow, choppy-scrolling affairs typical of MSX games of the time. I imagine pretty much everyone will be playing this on an emulator, and most of the really good emulators try to recreate the exact timing of the MSX, so that means you're in for stiff movement and long load times. The battles are also pretty tough and require some pretty significant grinding, making the whole thing fairly tedious most of the time.

The translation to English is an unofficial job, done by a group of Finnish hackers called Oasis back around 1993. Even though English clearly wasn't their first language, they did a pretty decent job, although there are plenty of serious grammatical mistakes and all of that. Still, it's pretty much the only option at present.

I'm pretty sure one of Konami's "B" squads (possibly even the "C" squad) worked on this game. Undoubtedly, voracious Snatcher fans will be curious about it, I really felt it was more of a letdown than anything. The one thing the game really has going for it is the soundtrack, which was done by the Konami Kukeiha Club, and features remixed versions of Snatcher songs as well as a lot of original tracks, all of which are up to their usual standard of excellence.

Videos :

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