World Heroes is pretty much the worst of all the things a fighting game can be.

Yeah, I think the only reason it ever developed any following was just that it was released right after Street Fighter 2 when everyone was hungry for clones of it.

It's very derivative of SF2, down to having twin main characters who use very similar moves to Ryu+Ken that also happen to have the same button combinations. The "match over" screens also look and sound suspiciously like that other game, as well as the little musical riff on the title screen.

I give it props for the bizarre cast and sense of humor, but pretty much every character is a ripoff from somewhere else. You have the Bruce Lee clone, the Hulk Hogan clone, the weird cross between M. Bison and Dhalsim, the Joan of Arc chick (not sure if this actually predated Samurai Shodown hmm), etc. The only really unique character is Rasputin.

The game is very slow paced, even more so than the original release of Street Fighter 2. It's basically completely broken, and is a special moves spam fest waiting to happen.

The only things it really has to recommend it are the backgrounds, which are cute and detailed, and Death Match mode was kind of an interesting idea.

I guess Nintendo figures the only way they're going to sell these crappy Neo Geo games is to offload them first before they start releasing the quality titles. Don't blow your money on this one when the Neo Geo had so many other fine quality fighting games.

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