My eyes may be blue, but I know a samurai's spirits!

OK, whatever. Here's a Street Fighter clone from SNK that actually went significantly in a new direction. It's a weapons-based fighter starring characters sort of based on quasi-historical figures. Haohmaru is Musashi ... Ukyo is his rival Sasaki Kojiro ... Jubei is Yagyu Jubei ... I guess Gen-An is based on Tengu myths and Kyoshiro is Sgt. Kabukiman. There's actually a pretty good FAQ over at GameFAQs exploring the origins of all the characters, which we'll toss into the Links section down below.

It's a pretty great game, but unfortunately it falls into the same problem area that King of Fighters '94 and several other early SNK games do ... it's very good, but it has a sequel that basically does everything that it did and then improves on it even more.

The only difference here is that they dropped Tam Tam from the second game. So unless you have a bundle of Wii points or you really dig Tam Tam, it's probably better to have fun with some other stuff for now and wait for the sequel to be released.

Yeah, once you have Samurai Shodown 2 you'll probably never play this one again.

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Samurai Shodown Original Soundtrack (mp3)
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