NINJA COMMANDO / Alpha Denshi / Neo-Geo

Ahhh, good ol' Alpha Denshi ... I can't think of one game they ever made that was even close to being good.

Sadly enough, this one is probably the closest ... and all it really is is a cut-and-paste of Capcom's MERCS (which came out two years earlier) with ninjers substituted as the main characters, and the World Heroes introduction copypasta'd in with an on-the-fly text change done by someone who clearly had not been speaking English for very long

It's a somewhat solid vertically scrolling shooter, but very predictable and boring.

The only real highlight is the seriously Engrish translation, which features a running narration from the characters with lines such as " OHHHH! Dead!" and "I'm in heaven!" when the chick scarfs down on a pile of food lol

Videos :

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