Ahhh, white ninjas and wailing guitars ... it's gotta be a late 80s-early 90s game.


Actually, it looks to me like a small hut.


Let's attack aggressively!


Anyway, this is an odd sort of beat-em-up (almost like a hybrid shoot-em-up) starring two white ninjers.


The gameplay is solid, but thoroughly generic. There's a few minor points of interest, like the sub-bosses of each level tend to join you as a playable character choice for the next level.


Most of the interest in this one involves unintentional corny humor though, like the nerdly voice acting of the two lead ninjers.


Some of the enemies are worth a laugh too - like Slinky Wind Ninjer who sucks five regular ninjers into his funnel to form his freaky wobbly arms, then dies in an agonizing paraplegic explosion when you kill him.


Oh yeah, or the Groaderfiend guy that just keeps hacking at you crazily as soon as he gets into range ... or crazy Seraphim chick who crashes through the wall rocking out and then can't seem to figure out that her sword range is too short to reach you.


Yeah, the game is hella silly, unfortunately it's also not challenging at all, pretty short and really repetitive. I wouldn't spend hard-earned money on it, the best it can do is to generate a chuckle here and there.

                        Musashi is in Amsterdam!

Videos :

* Gameplay video