This is another one of those games where you have to die a whole bunch of times and memorize every level to even stand a chance of making it ... I hate these types of games.

It's another one designed as a quarter-sucker, and it doesn't make the transition to home play very well.

Magician Lord roams through various levels killing demons on a quest to defeat Evil Wizard ... the game is like slow-paced Mega Man meets Altered Beast meets Ghosts N Goblins, basically. Normally you shoot some wuss beam and can only take two hits before dying, but you can get power-ups that turn you into a lizardman and a ninja and such, which allow you to take four hits.

The gameplay is slow and pretty stiff ... with Neo Geo games, even when they are bad, at the least you can usually expect to have some nice backgrounds or good tunes to get you through, but not with this one. Bland on both counts, and main villain's voiceover sounding like it was done by Stereotypical Suburban Dad doesn't exactly strike fear into the heart either.

Filled with cheap hits and stiff gameplay, this one is just too demanding for most people to enjoy.

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