Yeah, you better get off my ledge!

This is basically a run-and-gun game ... just happens to have a medeival setting.

Yeah I guess you're this wizard named Tonma, and who knows what his quest is, but it hardly seems to matter since he'll never see the end of it thanks to brutal difficulty.

It's a pretty simplistic game, you just shoot fireballs out of your hands to the right and left and do these huge floaty jumps. You can get upgrades and stuff to get a sort of spreadshot and some heat seeking missiles, but mostly the game is just running to the right and shooting your way through hordes of oncoming enemies.

This game features two of the Chinese Hells -- Hell of the Constantly Respawning Enemies and Hell of the Enemies Spawning Right Under Your Feet.

Yeah, the game is just packed with cheap hits which I assume was intentional given that it started its life as an arcade game. This scheme to rob you of all your quarters in ten minutes might have worked well in the arcades but home players are not likely to put up with it for very long.

Yeah, if you want to spend Neo Geo dollars save your bucks for one of the games that is actually worth playing. This one is a waste of time.

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