Awesome concept, half-rate execution.

Yeah, I guess SNK thought the premise alone would carry this one ... which, for a lot of people it actually did.

This game definitely has not aged well though.

The only thing still enjoyable about it is the music due to cheese factor (Japanese butt rock and random Japanese programmers mumbling stuff in the monkey's theme in an attempt to sound like an African chant), and the sound effects which really were pretty well implemented.

Unfortunately, the game plays like the kludgiest of old arcade wrestling games. And while initially it seems like you have tons of stuff at your disposal, all you can really do is knock each other into a few of the bigger buildings or power lines, or pick up and chuck the occasional jet or tank at the foe. Otherwise it's just the same old stiff repetitive punching and random-ass grappling over and over again.

The second game actually came out significantly better than this one ... I'd hold on to my buckazoids and see if that one comes out sometime in the near future.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video