Man Blue's Journey is sooo close to greatness .... doesn't quite make it though.

It's a Mario-style platformer with a lot going for it ... actually a better comparison would probably be the early Wonder Boy or some of the later Adventure Island games. Blue, master of the Leaf Dump, takes on a quest to save Rayguy and it's people from some dragon emperor or something.

Heh the "Leaf Dump" ... I think I mastered that technique on my last camping trip.

It has kind of simplistic graphics with really small sprites, but the backgrounds are colorful and very detailed. Music is kind of vanilla but it has great sound effects, and the gameplay is pretty decent. Also, it has a hilarious mistranslation like only SNK can deliver.

I think the biggest problem with it is that it was designed as an arcade quarter-sucker, and they never really did anything to adjust that for the home version.

Yeah, you could really stand to have a little more health or something, and the timers on everything should either be extended or just removed.

So it comes up as an OK game with a good sense of humor and general zaniness, but it's hard to be motivated to put up with it for the long run. If you're a fan of Engrish you might really enjoy this one though.

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