This late-in-life title for the GBA has some really appealing graphics, but it hinges on a battle system that manages to be both boringly simplistic yet needlessly confusing. It's a sort of strategy game, but there's actually really not a huge amount of strategy present as only one unit on the map can attack per turn ... more like it turns into an odd puzzle game, where you have to line up units so that they "union" with each other when they attack and defend. This is determined by the gender of the main unit, if it's male everyone unifies in a cross pattern and if it's female they unify in an X ... a lot of the game's battle rules are based on nonsense like that completely pulled out of someone's bum. The game adds to the confusion by throwing in a card system that I still haven't totally deciphered yet. For all this complexity, each battle consists of you mostly just watching the units automatically slug it out with each other ... this is another one that I feel was just too long on presentation and too short on gameplay. Cliched story doesn't help things out much either, but at least the pedophilia doesn't seem to be as rampant as in Riviera. Too much hyperactive needless bullshit flying around on the screen as well.

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