WARIO WARE INC. / Nintendo / GBA

Possibly the best casual "pick up and play" game ever created, Wario Ware is a collection of literally a hundred or so fast-paced minigames and reflex testers. Wario's latest crazy money-making scheme is to start a software company and churn out shovelware, and he enlists various friends to slave away for him ... but first he has to clear all their microgames. The game has the same bizarre sense of humor that Wario Land 4 had, but amplified. The visuals and sound are also surprisingly exceptional. As you play through the main solo levels, you unlock a number of two player levels that can be used through link cables or the Gamecube adapter. My personal favorite of the GBA library, this is one of a very few "absolute must play" games on the platform.

Videos :

Ana & Kat's Vignette
Crygor's Vignette
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