Lunar Legend is a somewhat scaled-down version of the original Sega CD Lunar (also re-released on the Playstation). The 3D animated scenes are gone, replaced by in-game cutscenes, but otherwise they went a long way towards retaining the look and feel of the original game with this one (it resembles the original Sega CD version much more than the PS1 remake). Graphics are somewhat improved, especially in combat, but the music seemed really janked up. Each character has been given a new "critical attack", but nothing has really been done to address the predictableness and repetitiveness of the battle system. There really isn't any compelling reason to play this version unless you are really hot for pocket-sized Lunar action for some reason; you'd be better off with one of the versions on CD ... or just skipping it altogether, as this is not an RPG that has aged well.

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Gameplay Video
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