Nightmare is a remake of Kirby's Adventure, the very first Kirby game (which was also one of the last and one of the best releases for the NES). Since that one's been released on the Virtual Console, we have a review of it up elsewhere that goes into more detail. What's new and different in this version?

The graphics have been given a significant touch-up, to include new and much more detailed backgrounds. The music has likewise been given the "grade-up" treatment; the original compositions are mostly retained, just given better quality instrument samples. Three new multiplayer mini-games have been added, as well as some new powers that weren't present in the original. And unlocking the game 100% is no longer useless, as you now get to play as Meta Knight when you do it. What are the downsides? Not many, actually. The original mini-games are now gone, if you liked those. There's a link down at the bottom to a FAQ that gets into the nitty and the gritty of all the little changes. For the most part, though, it's an improvement - not that this was a bad game to begin with, but the enhancements are welcome and I'd have to say this is easily the superior version.

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