FINAL FANTASY V ADVANCE / Squaresoft / Gameboy Advance

I'd have to say this is the Version To Have of Final Fantasy V, SNES rom with J2E translation included. All the gameplay problems of the slow-loading Playstation port have been fixed, it doesn't have any of the bugs and glitchiness that weighed down the GBA FF4 port, and the script has been tweaked for the better. The new content consists of a couple of hard bonus dungeons, really hard optional boss battles, and a handful of new character classes, all of which are near the end of the game. It's interesting stuff if you're really into the game, but a lot of people probably won't even bother with it. What's more important is that this is the first smooth-playing official release of the game in the English-speaking world, and I'd say it's the best version overall to have.

Videos :

Gameplay Video

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