EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS / Dreamcatcher / Gameboy Advance

The Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon was a short-lived attempt to milk whatever youth popularity was left of the Ghostbusters franchise that ran in 1997. Strangely, this desperate attempt to further milk the video game market wouldn't come until five years later in 2002. Given the quality of the end product they probably should just not even have bothered.

Apparently none of the Ghostbusters movie cast remains, and main character duties are taken over by two random heroin addicts. The game is an abysmal run-and-gun with some pointless driving scenes thrown in as padding between levels. The worst aspect of it is that the programming was apparently pretty slapdash, as whenever you fire your gun, the screen jerks as it re-centers on you, and you are also automatically jerked to your feet if you try to fire while ducking. That by itself was enough for me to consider the game not worth any further time, but if you press on, you'll find it plays like every cheaply made, sloppy platformer ever. The game is complete shovelware.

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