If you're a Zelda fan who missed out on this one the first (or second) time around, and are worried that it will just be too dated and weak to be enjoyable, put those concerns aside and track down a copy of this in one form or another. The gameplay is only just a hair less smooth than that of the SNES and GBA games, and this one gives you genuinely challenging dungeons and bosses as well as a dark-tinged story unlike anything else in the series except perhaps Majora's Mask. Easily the best overall game for the original Gameboy (and second only to Oracle of Ages/Seasons when you count Gameboy Color games), it is impressive how close this is to the SNES incarnation of Zelda given the hardware limitations.

The DX version contains an optional bonus dungeon called the Color Dungeon, and a photo hut where you can use the ill-fated Gameboy Printer to print chibi artwork of Link in various scenes that are unlocked as you play the game, but otherwise both versions are identical and the original monochrome Gameboy release is just as good as the colorized version.

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