Ninja Gaiden Shadow was an odd fusion of the characters and concepts of Ninja Gaiden with the gameplay engine of Natsume's Shadow of the Ninja. The end result isn't too far off of an NES Ninja Gaiden game, albeit slower and with a lot less jumping around.

Of all things the game is kinda like Bionic Ninja, as Ryu gets a grappling hook that he can shoot straight up to latch onto upper platforms and ceilings. This comes into play more and more as the levels progress and usually comes into play in the more annoying level sections where you have to zip up to the roof before you get hit by charging enemies or projectiles.

Though the game is a little slow, there's no between-level cinematics, and the story is laughable and Engrishy, the game is about as good as you can expect an action game to be on the original Gameboy and actually isn't too bad of a play. The graphics are about as decent as you get on the Gameboy and they did a really nice job converting some of the music from the first two Ninja Gaiden games to the limited Gameboy sound system without losing much quality.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video
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