The third and final Gameboy outing for Castlevania sports the same gameplay, but more of the quality level of Belmont's Revenge than Castlevania Adventure. While that is certainly not a bad thing, as Belmont's Revenge was actually pretty good, this one just feels too rehashy.

The game has a female lead this time, as Firmtitties Belmont seeks to put down Revolver Dracula and his magical castle of whimsy. Since the game actually came out in 1997, right after Symphony of the Night was released, Alucard makes an appearance, but as a boss instead of a playable character. The game was then immediately redacted from the timeline because ridiculously overpowered Alucard isn't allowed to lose to some nobody chick.

The game isn't really bad, but I feel like the Gameboy games basically did all they could do with the previous game, and this just feels like a kind of tiresome tread through the same ground. Not helping matters is that the music has taken a significant step down in quality from the catchy Kukeiha Club tunes found in the previous game.

Videos :

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