BIONIC COMMANDO / Capcom / Gameboy

Given the usual craptacularness of NES-to-Gameboy ports, I was almost shocked by how decent this version of Bionic Commando was.

It's pretty much a straight-ahead recreation of the NES version, minus Hitler-D and the Badds (you're now up against the "Darunia Empire"). There's also some anime-style artwork, and the levels have been rejiggered somewhat to work better with the smaller sprites of the Gameboy.

The play control is of course a bit more limited than on the NES, but surprisingly not all that much so. I actually found the swinging mechanics to work much better here than they did on the later follow-up Elite Forces for the Gameboy Color, and the "feel" of the game matches that of the NES version more so than the later game does as well.

By general standards, it's not all that exciting, but if you're looking for some decent old monochrome Gameboy games for your roster, or are just a big Bionic Commando fan, this one is actually worth looking up and checking out.

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