It's pretty weird playing Softporn only after having played the first Leisure Suit Larry game multiple times over the years ... Softporn came first and was used as the basis of Larry, so if you remember how to solve the puzzles in Larry 1 you can breeze right through this game!

Well, sort of. It requires random gambling (playing either blackjack or slots) to make enough money to win the game, so you have to grind away at that for a bit. And it has a much more limited and obtuse parser than Larry ... just picking up and using a remote control successfully for a puzzle near the beginning of the game is a hair-pulling exercise.

The story and structure are basically almost identical, just minus the Larry character - replaced with some no-name schmo instead. Your initially unspecified quest is to lay the same three girls (technically you seduce four, but one just wanders off immediately), culminating in an encounter with the ultimate girl in the penthouse of the casino. It's just a bit more confusing given the lack of graphics and the obtuse parser, but also easier in certain ways - the taxi doesn't charge you anything to get around in this one, and you can't die by simply wandering onto the wrong screen.

Softporn is basically the raw skeleton of Larry 1, stripped of all its charm and color. Taken just as a text adventure it's pretty simplistic and easy, made challenging only by the frustratingly limited parser and the need to gamble (though the little ASCII slot game is cute.)
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* Download for PC (is now freeware)