DIE HARD / NEC / Turbografx 16
Die Hard for the PC Engine / T16 was only released in Japan. There's a fan-made English translation patch (linked below), but it requires a very specific ROM type that doesn't seem to be the one floating around at the usual ROM sites.
                                   Cue Ghosts N Goblins music

Doesn't really matter as the game is a pure action run-and-gun; in fact, it looks like the repurposed sequel to Bloody Wolf or a game of that type. It's a very ... uh ... *liberal* interpretation of the movie, with John McClane first having to traverse the jungles and flooded rice paddies of Vietnam for some reason to get to the Nakatomi Plaza. Once there he faces a random trial-and-error cave maze to gain entry to the building proper.

So you fight your way through what at first appears to be members of a military junta, then corrupt cops, before finally encountering hairy Europeans that look more like the movie villains. Unfortunately I can't tell you much more about the game's fidelity to the movie as repeated (failed) attempts at solving the Nakatomi basement maze (complete with instant death and getting kicked back to the beginning if you fall into a fissure) ran me off from the game. I do appreciate the 'Murican spirit of having colored wifebeaters upgrade your health bar, and one of the dropped health items being a bottle of beer. It also has surprisingly good music. It's really a fairly competent little run and gun on the whole, but not engaging enough to put up with some bullshit maze level.
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