This early effort from Squaresoft is clearly "inspired" by Sega's Space Harrier, but it removes the  flyin' and some degree of the shootin'. Instead you run around obstacles, make massive jumps over pits, and try to pick up bonus items for points. For 1987 on a home console, the sprite scaling is actually pretty impressive; it's primitive in that you can still accelerate and decelerate in midair the same way you can when running, but otherwise this looks more like something that would have been released in 1989 or so.

It's really good-looking for such an early release. Good enough to solely trade on its sprite scaling at the time, but Worldrunner also came equipped with a 3D mode and a pair of 3D glasses. It's also noteworthy in that it was one of Nobuo Uematsu's first soundtracks ... although you wouldn't know it just from listening to it as most of the music ranges from bland to irritating.

As with most old games that sold themselves on a visual hook in their time, it hasn't held up tremendously well, but it's actually not bad. The solid gameplay and simple but colorful graphics make the game seem more like something released late in the NES's lifespan rather than near the very beginning. Can't comment on whether 3D mode adds anything to the game, but even without it it's still probably worth picking up if you can find an old copy for a couple of bucks.
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