Uncharted Waters 2: New Horizons is one of my favorite games ever. Released originally for the MSX in Japan, it was ported to Western PCs, then to the SNES and Genesis. The console ports got the same sort of "JRPG-ized" treatment that Ultima 4's port to the NES did, which I felt actually made the game a lot more playable and enjoyable. I started out with the PC version (an impulse buy off the bargain bin back in the mid-90s), but the SNES quickly became my favorite due to smoother gameplay, better menus and better music.

I've already reviewed the SNES version here, and even written a beginner's strategy guide for it, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel with a detailed review of the Genesis port. Suffice to say it seems to have been handled by the same team at the same time as the SNES port, and is virtually identical. The only weakness of the Genesis port is worse music due to the lower-quality sound chip; the percussion track is also completely absent from all songs here as well for some reason.

If you don't care about the music, though, it's a pick-em. The SNES and Genesis ports are otherwise equally good. Even though I still prefer the SNES port of all the iterations of the game, I'm spending more time with this one now since Genesis emulation on the PSP is near-perfect, while SNES is still a little hinky and probably always will be. UW2 makes an excellent portable game, it turns out!
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