FLAKBOY / Spil Games / Flash
Flakboy is a giant-headed alien who somehow stumbled into the unfortunate position of being a living test subject for all sorts of experimental weaponry ... I like to imagine that he's the alien from the Pixies' "Motorway to Roswell" ("How could this so great ... turn so shitty, he ended up in some Flash game!") Well, at least you're the one getting to turn the weaponry on him.

Eight "test chambers" which have to be unlocked sequentially, as you ragdoll poor Flakboy around using an assortment of weaponry (which increases as you proceed.) Though it initially sounds like brainless fizzicks-based devastation in the vein of Truck Dismount, it turns out Flakboy is actually quite challenging, mostly due to the results of the weapons being so unpredictable. You have to rack up a certain amount of damage per level, and once Flakboy comes to a rest outside of the range of any remaining weapons, your go is over. However, you can sell off your weapons for their asking price and try again, so you can't really get stuck.

It's actually a pretty interesting concept, but this initial Flash effort looks more like a proof-of-concept than a totally fleshed-out game. Challenge is limited mostly to testing your patience as you trial-and-error the unpredictable weapons combinations in each level until you hit upon a strategy that works. Apparently the author went on to make two more of these, though, so perhaps it's refined a bit more and the promise is drawn out in the sequels.
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