ZOMBIE TYCOON / Frima Studio / Sony PSP
Despite the "tycoon" name, this is actually an old-school RTS divided into a handful of levels that take maybe 4 hours total to complete. You have 3 different types of zombies that can be ordered around in seperate groups, or you can order everyone to mass-attack together. Unfortunately I never really did figure out what the difference was between the three zombies, if any.

The game actually has impressive production values for a little indie game from some unknown studio ... at least initially. Once in-game, the low-fidelity graphics become confusing and irritating as it's tough to see what you're up against and what's going on. Combine that with low-quality AI, and maps only become challenging when they turn into a clusterfuck mess where you can't really even see what's happening. The core of the games is having your zombie hordes attack buildings, and sitting around waiting for them to chip those down is a long and irritating process as well.
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