ZOMBIE RACERS / Big Head Games / Sony PSP
Zombie Racers is in the mold of top-down simple 2D racers like the old Micro Machines games and Ivan Stewart's Off-Road Racing. The tweest is that as you race the tracks, there's random zombies milling about whom you can mow down for bonus money.

There's two modes of play - Story and Freeroam. Story doesn't really have a "story" per se, it's just an ongoing series of tracks, in between which you upgrade the 3 stats of your car using money you've won. You're forced to come in first to progress, and that nets you some cash, but the bulk of the money comes from a $100 bonus for every zombie you plow en route. Freeroam just drops you in a more open arena where the goal is to kill the most zombies within a time limit; Freeroam also has weapons you can pick up while Story appears to be weapon-free.

It's a very low-budget production, so graphics are minimal and nothing really merits talking about. Unfortunately, the soundtrack is some sort of sub-Offspring pop-punk garage band that the devs were apparently friends with or something ... it's annoying music that's horribly outdated, but then again this was made in Britain and I know nothing about the music scene there, maybe their chavs are still pumping their fists to it down at the pub or something. I dunno.

More of a problem than the aesthetics is the track layout and overall planning. Story races are dragged down by a combination of bullshit rubberbanding, invincible enemy cars that can push you but can't be pushed, said cars basically driving in a team formation to eat up the good part of the track in tight passages, and the requirement to finish first (or restart the race) to proceed combined with an overly long 6 laps for each track. Making headway in the game is just too bullshit and frustrating. Freeroam isn't much better as basically simply picking up the flamethrower is the ticket to winning, as it allows you to annihalate zombies at a pace no one else can hope to keep up with.
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