WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO? / Electronic Arts / Sega Genesis
The original release of Carmen Sandiego for home computers came packed with a world almanac, cementing its marketing as "edutainment" for kids ... it was particularly good edutainment though, as it was actually a pretty fun little mystery-solving game that implemented randomly-generated content well.

I'm not sure if the Genesis version spotted you an almanac, but the game is actually more fun without it. If you have a decent general grasp of national flags, major features of world geography, currencies and political systems, you can get by just fine without it. And nowadays we have Sweet Mother Interbutts as an almanac replacement too.

Anyway, so all the EA team that ported this had to do was not fuck up, and that they did. Plays just fine with the Genesis controller, and I enjoy how the bobbies in this one look like they're running in a pack with their middle fingers raised. Clip-arty character portraits and sprites, but that's such a minor part of the game, who really cares. Solid port of the investigative game for kids.
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