CLOSURE / Eyebrow Interactive / PC
                                        This is about all the more you'll ever see of any given screen
Closure is yet another Indie Puzzle Platformer with Novel Tweest. This time out - you're some spider-like creature travelling through pitch-dark lands, which are conveniently divvied up into small micro-levels for some reason. When the pitch darkness surrounds you, however, floors cease to be real and you fall to your death. Your only protection against the darkness are crystal balls scattered about the level; when you pick one up and hold it in front of your face, it creates a permanent bubble of light around you that allows you to move freely. However, you often have to place the balls into pedastels to open a path. When that happens, you have to sort of confusingly follow/ride a bubble of light along some circuit to the next area.

Closure has a couple of problems. One is a sort of arbitrary rule set that it just kind of makes up and adjusts on the fly, without necessarily keeping the player fully apprised of what's going on. The bigger problem, and the one that caused me to give up on the game pretty fast, is that necessary objects to solve levels - like crates and keys - disappear if left in the darkness AFTER you interact with them (but for some reason are perfectly fine beforehand.) It's way too easy to just drift a bit too far from an object, watch it fall off into The Void, then have to reset the entire stupid level and do it all over again.

But then, I openly and unapologetically hate 90% of Indie Puzzle Platformers and am already sick to death of them, so maybe it'll carry more mileage for you than it did for me. I dunno.
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