SNAPSHOT / Retro Affect / PC
Snapshot is yet another 2D puzzle platformer. Thanks Braid. Thanks for opening this fucking box up for us.

But wait! Snapshot is at least not all moody and pretentious and existential. Instead, it's colorful and cute, more along the lines of recently-played-here Offspring Fling. But wait ... it stars a Cute Little Robit, a trope that's getting nearly as worn out in indie games as Pretentious Postmodernist Commentary.

But wait! Snapshot at least has a unique gameplay hook. There's no weaponry, your little Robit instead must manipulate the environment using his camera, which can pick up certain (rather arbitrary) objects like blocks and venus flytrap monsters. It can then place them down elsewhere, necessary for using them as platforms and such to get to the exit of each level.

The game is divided into three chapters, each of which contain 10 sets of 3 levels, and all of these have to be progressed through in entirely linear order. If you get stuck on a level, fuck you, there's absolutely nothing else to do until you manage to clear it.

Snapshot just gets too annoying too fast. Aside from the fact that death makes you start the whole finicky-ass level over again, even something as simple as a slip off a ledge or a slightly misaligned picture paste can force you to tediously re-do some long-ass sequence of events. The game is a little too precious for its own good, and when you run into one of "those" levels (which already starts happening about halfway into the first chapter), the temptation is just too strong to uninstall the game and move on to something else.
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