METAL SLUG 3 / SNK / Android
Alright, so Metal Slug 3 was my first arcade port on a tablet ... first action-y game of any kind really. I was anticipating the touchscreen play control with the "virtual joystick and buttons" to be clunky, imprecise and annoying ... yep, I certainly wasn't wrong.

In all other wise this seems a fine port of the arcade version of Metal Slug 3, with a level select thrown in. I was hoping it might be retooled for touch controls, but nope, it seems to just be a straight port with touch cobbled in.

If you have a keyboard dock, the arrow keys seem to work for movement, but pressing one makes the touch controls go away forever for some reason until you quit out of the game. I couldn't figure out what buttons A-B-C were tied to, however, as seemingly everything else on the keyboard just made dude duck. Admittedly I gave up pretty fast as I got tired of hearing extremely loud death scream over and over (sound mixing has the voices waaaay louder than the music for some reason.)

If you can hook up a functioning keyboard, gamepad or one of those little tablet arcade cabinets with the joystick built in, this is probably a perfectly fine port of what is a very good arcade game. That kills the whole "portability" factor, though, and the touchscreen controls are unbearable.
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