THEXDER NEO / Square Enix / Sony PSP
A remake of Thexder? 25 year old Thexder? The game that only the most hardcore of age 30+ PC gamers remember from their youth ... and most of them not that fondly?

Did someone ask for this? Anyone? Is there some untapped undercurrent of Thexder Nostalgia out there I'm not aware of? Is it Big In Japan? I have no good answers to these questions, but here this remake be anyway, as a PSP/PS3 downloadable title.

It's fairly straight-ahead in terms of just porting the original levels as they were ... it even brings back the goofy MIDI tune from the original game with a sweeping orchestral arrangement and a techno-fied remix. The difficulty is actually maybe ratcheted down a bit from the original ... not enough to make the game all that much more fun to play, though. The same problem of the archaic 80s design is still present here; zippy little enemies that can fly anywhere and attack simply by sitting on top of you and draining your energy, which Thexder is a little too slow and clunky to effectively keep pace with. Still rocking the "only one life, no continues, start over from the very beginning if you die" masochist style as well.

Call me when you do a decent Thexder 2: Firehawk revival.
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