ANOMALY KOREA / 11-Bit Studios / Android
Anomaly Korea is basically tower defense in reverse ... each level is a maze of preset enemy towers that you have to guide a convoy of armored vehicles through. If that doesn't sound tremendously exciting, well ... you're right, it isn't.

Can't fault the presentation, though, which is very slick. It's the near future and aliens have shat up Earth, disorganized resistance is trying to get together and fight back, etc. It's quite neat-looking for being a relatively low-budget tablet/phone game, and tied together with a nice menu system. Each level has you planning the convoy's route through the enemy fortifications ahead of time, by simply specifying what direction they go at each corner and intersection. This can also be adjusted on the fly once in-game. Each troop type has a specific weapon they automatically fire when in range of an enemy; your role (aside from steering) is simply to choose when to use your limited stock of "special powers" such as an attack boost, repair, or a smoke screen that jams the targetting of heavy laser cannons.

Anomaly KR's greatest weakness is simply lack of content; 12 levels overall, which generally are less than ten minutes each to clear, means you've seen everything there is to see in about 2 hours. You can replay levels for Moar Points, but I felt no particular compulsion to.

KR's role-reversal of tower defense also may seem novel within the Android/iOS/phone game market, but for longtime gamers who've logged many hours in RTS games, there's too much of a samey-but-simpler feel here. The one really interesting strategy bit is the initial planning of your route, but once in the action, it's more about frenetically picking up and spamming "special powers" that drop in before your units get Swiss Cheese'd.

Still 3* for being a decent concept, well put together, and can be bought for a low price.
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