Offspring Fling is yet another indie puzzle platformer, but fortunately this time it goes for a cute retro SNES look instead of dark pretentiousness. You play a series of 100 small levels, usually one screen (sometimes they scroll a bit.) You're a very Pokemon / Rabite lookin' thing who has had her offspring scattered throughout the forest by some big jerkass dragon, now you have to collect them up, but somehow they've all wound up in complex puzzle rooms full of obstacles and dangers. Your only abilites are to jump, and the ability to huck your resilient offspring across the screen without them taking damage. You'll need them to hit switches, bounce off of rubber stoppers, even stun the occasional enemy so you can chug on by. The more offspring you're carrying at a time, though, the slower mom moves and the more her jumping ability is hampered.

It's really a well-thought-out puzzler with nice ambience to boot. The only minor knocks against it are that the "gold times" for each level are pure OCD fodder (they require you to know exactly what you're doing in advance and execute it perfectly), and while there is native Xbox 360 pad support, there's no button icons in the menus or anything for it. Again, both very minor things - the first can be competely ignored if you're not OCD, the second doesn't really matter since the control scheme is so simple. I did get confused at the pause menu after not playing for awhile, however, as to which button simply resumed the game vs. the two others that restart the level or dump you back to the main menu (surprisingly, it's not the same button that pauses in the first place ... at least somehow it wasn't for me.)

At only maybe 3 hours of total playtime (each level usually takes well south of 1 minute) it's not very longevous, but easily worth 2 bucks or so when it goes on sale or is bundled or whatever. It's a nice undemanding "pick up and play" game, maybe a little too easy at the outset, but with good challenge in the latter half of the levels. Nice opening commercial effort for Mr. Kpulv.
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